13th Mar 2017

By Lee

Our aim at MyHill.blog is to allow people to share their experiences out and about in the UK's mountains. We want them to be able to easily share their routes, photos, and journeys. We also want other people to be able to discover those walks, read about them and discover new walks themselves.

It's great to be able to get a little more background on the fells involved though, so every hill in our database has its own page, for example:


These pages give you some key facts about the hills, including their height and classifications, the hill's location as well as linking through to recent walks posted to the hills. However, most of the hills we have are lacking a meaningful, "human" description. 

The good news is that anyone can now suggest content for hills. So, if you know a fell well, or even think you can provide a short description based on a recent walk you can now submit it online. Any page without a submitted description will show you a link to suggest content, see this example from The Storr.


We'll ask you to submit a one-line summary, as well as a description - which we recommend is around 150-200 words. Once submitted, our team will review it and you'll get an email to confirm if we accept your suggestion.