6th May 2018

By Team Willis

Possibly the nicest day this year, and a long weekend meant we were determined to make it out into the countryside. We picked this as a nice gentle walk to start off the year, with estimates for our route ranging from 4 to 5 miles and not a huge ascent. 

Grasmere seemed quieter than normal with plenty of parking available. We set off up the path opposite the book shop, a route familiar to us from a previous ascent of Helm Crag. After a while we passed the turn-off to Helm Crag and started up through the valley. 

The ascent up reminds me a little of a miniature version of the walk up to Stickle tarn - I am a sucker for a good waterfall-side walk - although this one is distinctly easier on the legs!

Before too long we'd reached the tarn, and being a little early for lunch and wanting to avoid sitting with everyone else who was up there we thought we'd go round the tarn and pick a quieter spot for the picnic. We had a few detours on the way for bog-avoidance and fish-viewing, but settled down overlooking the head of the tarn to enjoy lunch in peace. 

After we were heavier, and the bags were lighter we set off back round the tarn, before making our way back down. I have to say I was a fan of the descent route more than the ascent, following the stream down more closely, but I guess you could do this either way around.

We arrived back to a Grasmere without power, and a few places shut as a result, but we did manage to find an icecream to round off the day nicely.